Isolab offers a dark room equipped with 5 different work stations for film developing and black and white silver gelatin printing. The dark room can be used upon reservation within convenient monthly and annual subscriptions; special arrangements for daily use can be made, as well. Prices include all chemical products for printing and waste disposal.


The dark room is equipped with all the necessary material for printing and film development, such as tanks and basins for chemical products, tweezers, thermometres, dosers and spirals for negatives, as well as with an Eco Wash Master for rinsing Baryta pape and a machine to coat and dry Baryta and polythene paper.

It is possible to print from small (24×36 mm) to large format (13×18 cm).

The available enlargers are:

1) Laborator 138 color durst (for negatives up to 13×18 cm)

2) Durst M670 BW (for negatives up to al 6×6)

3) Meopta aroma 5a (24×36 mm)

4) Durst phototechnik M370 BW (24×36 mm)

5) Meopta magni fax 3 (for negatives up to 6×9 cm)

6) Meopta opemus 6 (for negatives up to 6×6 cm)

All the enlargers have professional Schneider e Rodenstock lenses.


Isolab offers the opportunity to use a photographic studio for a variety of photographic genres (portraits, fashion, still life). The studio can be rented along with basic lighting gear and a broadband wi-fi internet connection.  The lighting kit consists of 2 250 Watt Bowens flashes, 2 umbrellas and 1 light diffuser.

A boat for the transportation of your equipment is available upon request.

For any further information and for booking, kindly write to info@iso-lab.org.