Giovanni Pancino

He was born in 1970 and obtained a diploma in Professional Photography from ISFAV (Istituto Superiore di Fotografia e Arti Visive) in Padua in 2001. After his studies, he started to grow an interest in reportage and street photography, especially in black and white. Since then, he has always taken care of the whole photographic process, from shooting until printing; he specialised in manual silver salt printing.
In 2005 he devoted himself to art and architecture photography and started to work for internationally renowed artists such as Sygmar Polke, El Anatsui, Valeska Soares, Francesco Vezzoli and Giuseppe Penone. He also worked for galleries like The Pace Wildestein, Marian Goodman, Lelong in New York, Regen’s Project in Los Angeles, Charim in Vienna, Arati Urano in Tokyo.
He took part in some publishing projects of Cosmica Press (2012) and Marsilio Editore for the book “Architetture Moderne e Contemporanee a Venezia” (2014).
Over the past few years he has carried on his personal investigation on documentary and artistic black and white photography, along with teaching photography, development of negatives and printing techniques.




Costanza Gianquinto

She was born in Venice in 1988 and followed the artistic inclination of her family. In Venice she attended the Liceo Artistico Statale and got a diploma in Sculpture; subsequently she attended the Fine Arts Academy for three years and nurtured her passion for drawing and ancient engraving techniques.
In 2009 she participated in “Nudisegni” exhibition at Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Palazzetto Tito, Venice.
In 2010 she enrolled at the Istituto Italiano di Fotografia in Milan, from which she obtained a diploma in Professional Photography in 2012.
In the same year she took part in the exhibition Renaissance’s at Au Gré des Arts Festival in La Rochefoucauld.
In 2013 her work was selected by FotoFilmic’13 and included in a collective exhibition of international emerging photographers in Vancouver, Canada.
Some of her photos have been published by Organiconcrete, Enquire, Phinest, Aurora fotografi, ISO 400, Worbz, Whattarol, Sunday Morning at the river, Posi+tive Magazine, FrizziFrizzi, The C-41, Saccades Project, Antique Shops & Designers, Vintage&Modern and D.Repubblica.




Nicola Mazzuia

He was born in San Donà di Piave (Venice) on 4th February 1976. In 2010 he obtained a degree in Portuguese Language and Literature from Ca’ Foscari University in Venice with a thesis on João César Monteiro’s reprocessing of the myth of Faust.
From 2008 until 2011 he worked as an assistant to photographer Giorgia Fiorio, along with coordinating the organisation and activities of the international masterclass “Reflexions”.
From 2011 to 2012 he worked with Ikona Gallery within Ikona International School of Photography (Venice), offering seminars and workshops on photographic practice and discourses.
His work has been published in Italian and international magazines such as Venice is Not Sinking (Italy), Yet Magazine (Switzerland) and Fugax (Brasil).
His work combines photography and various contaminations, from handicraft to art and video installations.
Part of an itinerary that is constantly under construction, one of the pivotal topics of his production is the critical relationship with landscape, especially the Veneto one and its scattered cities. Examples of this approach can be found in the personal exhibitions “Nonumenti/Nonuments” (Ikona Gallery, 2011), with a contribution by Francesco Vallerani, and “Mondo” (Serra dei Giardini, 2012).
He has further developed a personal consideration on space and its representation in photography in the international workshop “Decrescimento” in cooperation with Urbanautica (curated by Steve Bisson). The resulting exhibition will take place in São Paulo (Brasil) in 2016.
Inspired by John Berger’s and Aldous Huxley’s ideas, he also conducts a theoretical and methodological-educational investigation that aims at deconstructing and analysing the genealogy of images and their language in the contemporary world.




Chiara Ferronato

She was born in Vicenza in 1984 and since she was 19 she has lived long term in Spain, United Kingdom, Egypt and India. From 2007 until 2008 she attended the American University in Cairo and in 2009 she obtained a Master of Arts in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies from Ca’ Foscari University in Venice with a thesis on the problematisation of female sexuality in Egypt.
Over the years she worked for international ONG’s advocating female reproductive health.
She approached photography when she was very young and her education has mainly been self-taught.
Since 2014 she has been working under the guidance of Magnum photographer Patrick Zachmann, along with assisting him occasionally on international events.
Freelance photographer, her work entails a search for cultural identities in various social environments and mainly focuses on the female world. Beside the work that she carries out on commission for private clients and institutions, photography to her is a companion in the anthropological research that she conducts. She is fluent in Arabic, French, English, Italian, Spanish.






Teresa Sartore

Born in Venice in 1981, Teresa has a background in Anthropology and Human Rights. Since 2005 she has been internationally involved in several research and photographic projects. From Cameroon to Morocco, from Palestine to Malta and Greece, from England to Germany, Belgium and Italy, her work focuses on migration issues, human rights and transculturality. Her projects are driven by the idea that change is possible through knowledge, research, art and social action.
She holds an MA in Anthropology from SOAS School of Oriental and African Studies, London University. She worked as Research Assistant at Universität Heidelberg (2009-2013) and Visiting Researcher at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (2011-2013). Since 2013 she has been based in Venice and has been working in Communications and Event Organisation. In 2015 she was the Artistic Director of PRISMA Human Rights Photo Contest, organised by the Global Campus of Human Rights in collaboration with Lightbox. She is Contributor at



Livio Cassese

Livio Cassese (Milano, 1988) is gratuated from Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Graphic designer, specialized in editorial projects and print. Special attention at art research and photography, he’s member of ISOLAB’s staff. Currently based in Venice. Exhibitions in Venice, Padua and Monselice, Gorizia, Monsummano.